21 January 2018

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Adam Sass

Writer of Young Adult Fiction
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Just Off Fountain: "WURSTKUCHE"

Just Off Fountain: “WURSTKUCHE”

Downtown L.A. has a treasure chest of vibrantly creative ways to be yummy.  Take the German sausage restaurant “Wurstkuche,” a warehouse in a shabby part of Downtown (Psst– there’s no non-shabby part of Downtown).   But that’s the point, isn’t it?  Have one of these smash hits in Hollywood and say hello to a way-too-trendy...
Just Off Fountain: "SHAKY ALIBI" Waffles

Just Off Fountain: “SHAKY ALIBI” Waffles

Belgium’s in Los Angeles at Beverly Blvd & Curson, across the street from the Grove Mall.  If there’s one thing LA excels at in the food department, it’s in cheeky experimentation and hidden gems. That’s right, it’s “Just Waffles!” (jazz hands) at Shaky Alibi coffee bar & wafflerie.  Marcus and I spent Presidents’ Day Monday...


In LA, during the summer months, film preservers Cinespia screen a movie on the side of a Hollywood Forever cemetery mausoleum every Saturday night. Bring ten bucks cash for the door “donation” (they say donation, but it’s a fee– my friend was turned away for only having 8 bucks).  Get there early!  These picnic-like events...
Just Off Fountain: "RUNYON CANYON"

Just Off Fountain: “RUNYON CANYON”

Labor Day, I was slammed with the realization that my walkable 24-Hr. Fitness would be closing at the end of the month for massive remodeling.  I could use the 24-Hr. Fitnesseses in the area, but those are all reachable by car.  And I’m currently in a bad relationship with my car, factoring in the hassle...
Just Off Fountain: SILVER LAKE

Just Off Fountain: SILVER LAKE

Bienvenue, hipsters!  Today we set sail down SanMonBul to the magical nonsense world of the Far East (of Hollywood that is): Silver Lake.  A land of both caring and not caring, of quaintness and calamity, of treasure and trash, of paying a dollar for 30 cents. I threw on my t-shirt with a band on...
F U if U Miss This: "NICKEL DINER"

F U if U Miss This: “NICKEL DINER”

It is important to reach outside your comfort zone to find new things. And no place wholly exemplifies “out of my comfort zone” like Downtown Los Angeles.  It’s far, lousy with impenetrable one-way streets, and only reachable by the dreaded freeway (or it’s possible to take the Metro– but one comfort zone breach at a...
Just Off Fountain: 'THE LIBRARY BAR'

Just Off Fountain: ‘THE LIBRARY BAR’

My friend Marcus told me something that sums up the Library Bar @ the Roosevelt Hotel: “The Library Bar isn’t where you go to get drunk, it’s where you go to drink.” And so dies the age of syrup-y fruit-crammed martinis. Blame it on the indie success of “Mad Men,” but there is serious rise...
Just Off Fountain

Just Off Fountain

“URTH CAFFE” Welcome to the “Just Off Fountain” portion of my site.  In this, I will feature a cool little treasure, sometimes a restaurant, sometimes a bar, maybe a museum– whatever’s in the LA area that needs calling out, it’ll be here. Our first entry is a coffee/breakfast shop known as Urth Caffe— they have...