Of all of Johnnie Walker’s Scotch Whiskeys, Red is the cheapest, and considered to be the least fine of the batch.  I am starting today’s “Drink On” with Red because I quite enjoy a glass of Red.  It’s fiery, it burns and when I drink Black, I feel like it’s a semi-special occasion.

However, that’s because I have no money.  One day I hope to be spendy enough to consider the $1000 Blue a special occasion and not a palm-sweating, afraid-to-have-it-in-my-house proposition.

But back to Red.  It’s best for “Drink On’s” because it’s a going out on the town drink.  It’s got too much burn to drink on its own; that’s what the smoother Black is for.  Red dances best with Ginger Ale or Cola.

Roommate Chris is an amateur syrup/soda maker.  He’s made celery soda in the past (an outstanding concoction I highly tip my hat to).  But he cooked up some pure cola the other day that you wouldn’t believe.  He cooked Coca-Cola with a shitload of nutmeg and other spices and made something so potent, Coke can amscray.

I just popped a bit of that into a small shooter of Johnnie Red, and that appears to be what I must drink until my grave.

Sometimes the simplest, classiest drinks are the best.

I recently went to a Johnnie Walker tasting in Downtown LA with Drew and the lot, and the event only heightened my palette and understanding of the label.  Behold, the 5 minute informational video they showed featuring Mr. Robert Carlyle (and the best work he’s done since “Trainspotting”– I don’t entirely mean that as an insult).  It will grow Johnnie in your mind.

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Written by Adam Sass

Adam Sass

ADAM SASS is a journalist and copy editor for Mediaplanet, which prints in USA Today. His short story appeared in the anthology STARLING SCI-FI: NEW TALES OF THE BEYOND and was nominated for Best Science Fiction Story by Writer’s Digest. He lives in New York City with his husband and two dachshunds.

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