An American Werewolf in LondonAn American Werewolf in London

*ADAM’S NOTE: This is a DOUBLE recommendation from myself.  Take her away, Josh!–

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981), Directed by John Landis, Rated R

I can hear you guys now: “Rare?!

How in the Sam Hill is this (awesome) movie RARE?!”

It’s not. As a matter of fact, it’s just been re-released on DVD by Universal in a snazzy, new 2-Disc set.

No, I’m not being paid by Universal to drop a plug in for their new set (though, in my current financial state, I certainly wish I were). My agenda here is simply this: I am continually shocked at the amount of people I encounter that have yet to see this scary, hilarious, brilliant film. Very few (if any) films have done such a dynamite job at mixing scares and laughs. And it all works due the singular vision of writer/director John Landis, a man who had great success and seemed to be destined for director superstardom — if not for the unfortunate TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE accident that derailed his career.

So, for those not in the know, the story breaks down like this: two American college students are backpacking through Europe and, while strolling through the English Moors, they are attacked by what appears to be a wolf. One is killed outright, and the other is severely mauled but comes out alive. Things appear to be fine after this — UNTIL the kid starts to see

his dead

friend appear at random to warn him that at the next full moon, he will become a werewolf…

I’m telling you, this stuff is golden. Witty, scary, fun, sexy — and with what is probably the best, most convincing werewolf transformation ever captured on film (by keith). Makeup Effects genius Rick Baker won an Oscar for his stellar work in this flick.

*ADAM’S NOTE: The Oscar category of Best Makeup was effin’ CREATED just for this movie.  Did not exist before this.  That’s all I wanted to say…

Let’s have a little trailer look-see:

Just watch this thing. Please? You won’t be sorry. Every person I’ve ever shown this film to has fallen in love with it. I mean…how could you not?

*ADAM’S NOTE: I found this foreign poster for the movie.  Those of you who have seen it will recognize the coat he’s wearing.  Weird! Enjoy the movie!

An American Werewolf in London German Poster

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