Martin French Movie Poster ArtMartin

MARTIN (1977), Directed by George A.

Romero, Rated R

George A. Romero = zombies. Right? Right. http://cheapcialiswww.com/cialis10.html Wrong. I mean, I will give credit where credit is due — the man is responsible for creating the legendary Dead trilogy (the inferior films beyond those first three will receive no acknowledgement here), and when he is long gone, those are the films he will be remembered for.

But this man has

made many films outside of his zombie world, many of them worthy of attention — but none more so (in my humble opinion) than this little gem. Made just before principle photography began on DAWN OF THE DEAD, MARTIN tells the story of a troubled young boy who claims to be…an 84 year old vampire. He certainly doesn’t resemble one: no fangs, no weird capes, no shapeshifting, no Romanian accent, no fear of sunlight. Nothing. To drain blood from his victims, he carries around a hypodermic needle and a razor. That’s it. He knocks ’em out with the needle, slits with the razor, drinks, and is off.

As the story begins, Martin is on his way to live with his scary old uncle in a dying suburb of Pittsburgh. This scary uncle really does believe Martin is a vampire and treats him as such; the uncle (and perhaps Martin’s entire family) clearly clings to some old-world philosophies and ideals that are hilariously outdated, and because of this, one cannot help

but think that this is what contributed to Martin’s disturbed mental state. As Martin continues to seek victims around Pittsburgh to satisfy his bloodlust, he becomes something of a phenomenon on the local radio talk show.

As with all of Romero’s films, this one is highly allegorical and difficult to sum up concisely. Even so, I highly reccoment this film. I love this film. John Amplas makes a terrific Martin, the rest of the cast does a decent job, the makeup and gore effects are first-rate, and the beautiful, haunting score by Donald Rubinstein is just perfect. (That main theme…gorgeous.) If I have one complaint about this movie, it’s that it is a tad slow and talky. You do have to be in a patient frame of mind when viewing this movie, but it’s worth it.

Behold, the trailer. Let’s let Martin introduce himself and his world: