Zombie“(1979), Directed by Lucio Fulci, Not Rated (equivalent of an X at the time it was released)

“We Are Going viagra 100mg To Eat You!”

Okay, now we’re getting into the meaty (pun intended) stuff. This here film, an italian cheapie made as a “sequel” to DAWN OF THE DEAD, has become almost as legendary. Never before had I seen a film (though I’ve seen many since) that so shamelessly embraces it exploitative nature and runs with it. And, for that reason alone, it is worth watching in the right frame of mind (as are most of the films on this list).

It’s hard to deny that this film is a hell of a lot of fun.

DAWN OF THE DEAD was released as ZOMBI in Italy. When that film was a huge success over there, Italian producers quickly went out to produce a sequel to cash in on the zombie phenomenon. Thus, this film was made and released as “ZOMBI 2”. No, it has no real connection to DAWN, but it tries to by being similar structurally and thematically. And, while Romero’s film was heavy on gore, it was done in an almost cartoonish fashion — the blood mixture used in DAWN was purposely brighter than real blood because Romero was trying to create a comic book atmosphere. This film, however, goes a little more “realistic” and savage with its gore. The effects by Gianetto De Rossi are on par with just about anything Tom Savini has done. There are many memorable sequences in this film, but the two that particularly stand out are: 1. A scene underwater where a zombie is fighting and trying to eat a tiger shark. What makes this so memorable is that the shark is absolutely real. This is a man in zombie makeup riding and trying to bite into a real shark underwater. And it makes everyone I know who has seen this film go “WOW”. Take THAT, CGI. 2. The now-infamous scene where a zombie takes the head of one of the actresses and forces a ten-inch splinter into her eye. It’s just as gruesome as it sounds.

The film was directed by the late Lucio Fulci, who was actually not the first choice. It’s a good thing this fell into his lap, because it revived his mediocre (up to this point) career and turned him into something of a legend. Fulci was not a “great” director in the strictest sense of the word (his films got progressively lazier as his career went on), but he was very good at making fun, exploitative horror/gore films. Some of his earlier films (such as A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN, which I may include on this list because it is a giallo but I don’t know if it would fall much into the “horror” category) were much more polished and coherent (and also quite good in different ways than this film), but they never made quite the impact that his horror films did (by schonhoff). Because of this, Fulci stuck primarily in the horror genre from this film onward until his unfortunate death in 1996.

A quick plot summary: A unmanned sailboat drifts into New York harbor. The police investigate and are attacked by a zombie. This prompts a local reporter and the daughter of the boat owner to head to the carribbean (where the boat apparently came from ) to see exactly what happened. There, they are attacked by countless members of the walking dead. Very, very simple stuff, but

for a film like this, you don’t need much more.

Here’s the trailer. Get a quick taste of what you may be in for if you watch this film:

Yes, this movie is silly. Yes, it’s not very polished. Yes, the acting is bad. Yes, it’s gory as hell. Yes, there are breasts all over the place, making it

sexually exploitative. Yes, it’s a lot of fun. Check it out if you think you can stomach it. Just be sure to have one of those “barf bags” if you need one…haha.

There will be a some more Fulci on this list later this month, so if you’re interested, stay tuned.

INTERESTING TRIVIA: Yes, star Tisa Farrow is the (much less talented) sister of actress Mia Farrow.

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