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21 January 2018

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Adam Sass

Writer of Young Adult Fiction
Pitch Wars 2016: Pimp My Bio!

Pitch Wars 2016: Pimp My Bio!

Welcome, fellow Pitch Wars contestants, mentors, agents, baffled strangers stumbling across me in a Google search! My name is ADAM SASS (a real name–it’s German/Nordic), I’m entering 2016’s Pitch Wars as a YA author, and this is my “PIMP MY BIO”! I’ve just gone through a major life change. Growing up in...
6 Stupid, Probably Unhealthy Ways I'm Surviving Agent Querying

6 Stupid, Probably Unhealthy Ways I’m Surviving Agent Querying

This is not going to be a love letter to myself, to my work, or to my patient almost-husband.
The Life and Death of a Bookstore's Gay Pride

The Life and Death of a Bookstore’s Gay Pride

As I arrived in West Hollywood in 2008, A Different Light was dying. I don’t have any memories of the queer bookseller other than [...]
Which Books Scare Gay Kids?

Which Books Scare Gay Kids?

All gay kids want to be borne from their bullshit. I did, but if you’d ask me then, I’d have told you that I was married to my bullshit – and by the way, what bullshit? Leave me alone.
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Drink December: "Minus 5"

Drink December: “Minus 5”

My buddy and co-writer Drew’s birthday has brought me, quite unexpectedly, to Las Vegas.  To get even more specific, it has brought me drunk and stumbling down the Strip, our origin the MGM Grand, our destination the Mandalay Bay.  The MGM Grand’s tower rooms are so nice, that’s it quite obvious they plunk their money...
Drink December!: "The Apple Pie"

Drink December!: “The Apple Pie”

It’s a cliche to say that the Holidays is a time for getting your drink on.  But I do so in a positive way, not a “I must dull the torture of all this singing and cheer and oppressive family gatherings” way. It’s the perfect time of year to throw on a buzz, blissful and...
Battle of the Holiday Drinks

Battle of the Holiday Drinks

Well, hopefully we’re far enough into November that it’s now acceptable to… FREAAAAK OUUUUUTTT!!!  The incredibly delectable Holiday drinks are back at all your local coffee shops, and I couldn’t be a bigger nerdy fan.  There will always be people who deplore this time of year, but they have anger in their hearts where gingerbread...
How is Adam Getting His (Virgin) Drink On?: "SOUTHAMPTON"

How is Adam Getting His (Virgin) Drink On?: “SOUTHAMPTON”

I got myself into a bit of a pickle this week.  I wanted to catch up on the fabulous new HBO show “Boardwalk Empire,” and all you want to do when you watch that Prohibition Porn is fix yourself a drink and unwind.  But I was unable to watch it Sunday night and had no...


In LA, during the summer months, film preservers Cinespia screen a movie on the side of a Hollywood Forever cemetery mausoleum every Saturday night. Bring ten bucks cash for the door “donation” (they say donation, but it’s a fee– my friend was turned away for only having 8 bucks).  Get there early!  These picnic-like events...
How is Adam Getting His Drink On?: CLASSIC G&T

How is Adam Getting His Drink On?: CLASSIC G&T

Sometimes, you just gotta go with a classic.  Two fingers of gin over ice, fill with Tonic Water.  Although, “Drink This Not That” tells me that I should pick Club Soda over Tonic Water.  Tonic has a whopping amount of sugar in it.  Tonic water?! I can’t even drink Tonic Water now without thinking of...
Just Off Fountain: "RUNYON CANYON"

Just Off Fountain: “RUNYON CANYON”

Labor Day, I was slammed with the realization that my walkable 24-Hr. Fitness would be closing at the end of the month for massive remodeling.  I could use the 24-Hr. Fitnesseses in the area, but those are all reachable by car.  And I’m currently in a bad relationship with my car, factoring in the hassle...
The Anniversary Party

The Anniversary Party

Today is a very special day for me.  Two years ago, I moved my first box into this condo in West Hollywood.  My beautiful home in the most beautiful city I’ve ever lived in.  Nothing has given me more joy than planning the remodel of this place, bit by bit.  Swapping out carpet for laminate,...
How is Adam Getting His Drink On? "OH WHAT A PEAR!"

How is Adam Getting His Drink On? “OH WHAT A PEAR!”

“Oh, What a Pear!” Martini A while back I featured a drink called “Maxwell’s Plum,” a martini at the fabled, now shut Tavern on the Green in New York.  The drink I feature today is a specialty order Tavern on the Green used to arrange for couples. When someone was going to propose at the...
Just Off Fountain: SILVER LAKE

Just Off Fountain: SILVER LAKE

Bienvenue, hipsters!  Today we set sail down SanMonBul to the magical nonsense world of the Far East (of Hollywood that is): Silver Lake.  A land of both caring and not caring, of quaintness and calamity, of treasure and trash, of paying a dollar for 30 cents. I threw on my t-shirt with a band on...
Throwback Alert!

Throwback Alert!

If you own an iPhone, odds are that you are well on your way to being into this idea.  A very hipster idea.  It’s an app called Hipstamatic.  Get it.  Get it now.  No one I know has been sorry they paid the two bucks. When you buy the app, pictures you film with it...
How is Adam Getting His Drink On? "RUBY"

How is Adam Getting His Drink On? “RUBY”

“THE RUBY” What’s In It, Adam? 2 oz. gin, 3/4 oz. Laird’s Applejack (apple brandy), 3/4 oz. Grenadine.  Shake with ice, pour over tumbler glass with ice. Where’d You Find It? My Mixologist iPhone app!  It has a function called “liquor cabinet” where you input what you got in your stock, and it cooks up...