20 February 2018

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Adam Sass

Writer of Young Adult Fiction
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How is Adam Getting His Drink On?

How is Adam Getting His Drink On?

SAGE HEAVEN at Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar My previous rendezvous to the Library Bar have always been in the spirit of social curiosity.  My fascination with their drink-making process, no set menu, just tell the bartender your favorite tastes and he creates something on the spot, had before only been born out of an almost...
I'm Gonna Turn This Country Pink

I’m Gonna Turn This Country Pink

I don’t usually date.  In fact, let’s just round down and say, “I never date.”  To date means to go on a series of dates, to be strung together on a string of pearls known as the beginning of a relationship.  My string of pearls sucks.  I don’t count my prior attempts in the past...