21 January 2018

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Adam Sass

Writer of Young Adult Fiction
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I'm Gonna Turn This Country Pink

I’m Gonna Turn This Country Pink

I don’t usually date.  In fact, let’s just round down and say, “I never date.”  To date means to go on a series of dates, to be strung together on a string of pearls known as the beginning of a relationship.  My string of pearls sucks.  I don’t count my prior attempts in the past...
No Debate Today

No Debate Today

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today is a big day because, being Monday, a day one typically goes back to work, State Senators and State Representatives across the country have found themselves passing the gay marriage pendulum back and forth.  Indiana, New Hampshire, Iowa, Hawaii, Maryland are all debating pro and anti-gay amendments to their state constitutions....
They Said You Wouldn't Come

They Said You Wouldn't Come

I stepped onto my Los Angeles flight to Washington, D.C. with only the faintest idea of what would actually happen when I got there.  But an unusual feeling came over me when I realized this– for the first time, I felt like even though I had no immediate plan, or even a map to this...