18 February 2018

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Adam Sass

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How is Adam Getting His Drink On?

How is Adam Getting His Drink On?

“THE HOT TODDY” A favorite of bawdy moms and homebody gays (two thumbs pointing inward), The Hot Toddy could be also referred to as “Mama’s Little Chill Pill.” Chamomile tea with a finger or two of bourbon, this and a bottle glass of white wine is the best way to disguise or explain away a...
How is Adam Getting His Drink On? "OH WHAT A PEAR!"

How is Adam Getting His Drink On? “OH WHAT A PEAR!”

“Oh, What a Pear!” Martini A while back I featured a drink called “Maxwell’s Plum,” a martini at the fabled, now shut Tavern on the Green in New York.  The drink I feature today is a specialty order Tavern on the Green used to arrange for couples. When someone was going to propose at the...
Just Off Fountain: 'THE LIBRARY BAR'

Just Off Fountain: ‘THE LIBRARY BAR’

My friend Marcus told me something that sums up the Library Bar @ the Roosevelt Hotel: “The Library Bar isn’t where you go to get drunk, it’s where you go to drink.” And so dies the age of syrup-y fruit-crammed martinis. Blame it on the indie success of “Mad Men,” but there is serious rise...