21 January 2018

My 2 ¢'s

Adam Sass

Writer of Young Adult Fiction
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I'm Gonna Turn This Country Pink

I’m Gonna Turn This Country Pink

I don’t usually date.  In fact, let’s just round down and say, “I never date.”  To date means to go on a series of dates, to be strung together on a string of pearls known as the beginning of a relationship.  My string of pearls sucks.  I don’t count my prior attempts in the past...
Mutually Assured Distraction

Mutually Assured Distraction

I’ve had my dog Marty for almost a month now.  He’s a 2-year-old dachshund, Jack Russell-mix.  And he’s completely derailed my professional life. ACK!  He’s a snuggly, sleepy, jumpy, poopy, sweet little baby, and I haven’t been able to write like a champ since I’ve gotten him. But I love him! In AVATAR-fashion, we have...