21 January 2018

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Adam Sass

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How's Adam Getting His Drink On?: "Spring Ahead"

How’s Adam Getting His Drink On?: “Spring Ahead”

The daylight is longer, and unless you have an iPhone or a stupid work computer, your clocks are all caught up with Daylight Savings Time.  Yes, it is a bitch the day it happens.  All that confusion, plus you lose an hour.  But I welcome it!  It’s all about the electrical Spring/early Summer moment when...
Just Off Fountain: "SHAKY ALIBI" Waffles

Just Off Fountain: “SHAKY ALIBI” Waffles

Belgium’s in Los Angeles at Beverly Blvd & Curson, across the street from the Grove Mall.  If there’s one thing LA excels at in the food department, it’s in cheeky experimentation and hidden gems. That’s right, it’s “Just Waffles!” (jazz hands) at Shaky Alibi coffee bar & wafflerie.  Marcus and I spent Presidents’ Day Monday...
F U if U Miss This: "NICKEL DINER"

F U if U Miss This: “NICKEL DINER”

It is important to reach outside your comfort zone to find new things. And no place wholly exemplifies “out of my comfort zone” like Downtown Los Angeles.  It’s far, lousy with impenetrable one-way streets, and only reachable by the dreaded freeway (or it’s possible to take the Metro– but one comfort zone breach at a...