Tyler FlorenceTyler Florence, Celebrity Chef, Mr. September

Please accept this gift from Adam Sass of the Husband of the Month Club.

Here is Adam’s answers to the common questions that will be brought up by our nosy family and friends.  Feel free to invent your own.

What Does the Man Do?
HA! He only has a handful of best-selling cookbooks and a couple of hit Food Network shows where he is frequently lauded by his peers for his demystifying approach to food prep.  Simple always wins, folks!  Oh, and then there’s that little sidejob of his: Professional Dimple Operator!  No big.


Where Did You Two Meet?
In the Farmer’s Market.  I was in fruits and vegetables, looking hopelessly lost, and trying to find a decent white nectarine.  Tyler noticed my hand-wringing and kindly informed me that white nectarines are mid-summer fresh and this time of year turn mushy and sour.  “It still feels like Summer to me!” I say wittily. He laughs that hearty laugh of his as I carelessly dab at my forehead perspiration with a monogramed hankie.  I ask him to show me a good Roma tomato, and that was that…

So…How Was the Wedding?
DIVINE!  Amidst all the planning and preparation, Tyler still found time to organize the menu and bake the tiered cake.  But that’s just his adorable work ethic.  He cooked up these delicious dishes that were elegant but in that unpretentious way I’ve come to expect living with him.  He just gets it, you know?

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Adam Sass

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